Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meeting 003

In our third meeting, we finally started to assemble the prototype candy sorter. This project is going to take a while, so the week-to-week progress seems small ...

Still, we are having a great time working together, and learning how tricky going from concept to implementation can be.


We've decided to use a rotating "bucket" that will accept a single piece of candy, rotate underneath the a "scanner," and rotate back to a particular hopper where the candy piece will be dumped.

I spent part of this meeting trying to figure out why my rotation sensor wasn't returning any values, and ultimately discovered that, for reasons I still can't explain, it simply wouldn't work on one of the three input channels available on the RCX we were using. We expect the rotation/angle sensor to make our task much easier, as it seems to be quite accurate.

The image above is actually from a video you can view, if you would like a better idea of how we envision the candy sorter working.


Above: Part of our group: Irena S., Kimberly P., "LegoDoug," "Birt," and Peter P.

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